Detailed Feasibility Study if Nyasim Khola Hydropower Project 35 MW

  • Completed: 100%
  • Client: Sita Hydropower company Pvt.Ltd
  • Location: Sindhupalchowk
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Budget: Rs. 1

  • Detailed Feasibility Study if Nyasim Khola Hydropower Project 35 MW

    • Nyasim Khola Hydropower Project does not have a motorable access road at present. The nearest roadhead to this project is a gravel road from Balephi up to Bolde bazaar. A road is being constructed by the Department of Roads from Bolde bazaar to Gumba Village. The main project access road is envisaged to be constructed from the Gumba village for which a road of about 2 km is to be constructed to acess the powerhouse site downstream of the Nyasim-Balephi confluence. From the powerhouse site the road is to be constructed passing from the tapping point up to the headworks site passing alongside the foot trail leading to Tembathan village up to the suspension bridge downstream of the headworks. The approximate length of this road is envisaged to be 10 km.The Bolde Bazaar is located at a distance of about 30 km north from Balephi Bazaar which is located on Araniko Highway. Balephi bazaar is located about 72 km north-east from Kathmandu.

      The developer of Nyasim Khola Hydropower Project is in close coordination with the local people of the project area and other hydropower developers in constructing a road from Gumba to project area.  There are two projects at the Nyasim river upstream of the proposed project.

    • The Nyasim Khola proposed for the development of the project lies along a very steep part of this river. The area proposed for the development of Nyasim Khola Hydropower Project lies between latitudes 27o 57'30'' and 27o 59'30'' N and longitude 85o47'30'' and 85o49'30''E. Nyasim Khola is a snow fed river and originates from the southern flank of the Phurbachyochu Himal, the Kharane Pahad, and the Bhairabkunda area. It is one of the main tributaries of Balephi Khola. Balephi Khola is again one of the major tributaries of the Sun Koshi Basin. Balephi Khola lies in Sindhupalchowk District of Bagmati Zone in the Central Development Region of Nepal. The Balephi Khola basin is situated between latitudes 27o 45' and 28o 10' N and longitudes 85o 45' and 85o 50' E.