Review of Feasibility Stusy, Detail Engineering Design and Preparation of Tender Document of Upper Nyaem Khola Hydroelectric Project 43MW

  • Completed: 90%
  • Client: Sindhu Jwala Hydropower Ltd
  • Location: Sindhupalchowk
  • Duration: 24 Months
  • Budget: Rs. 1

  • The Upper Nyasem Khola Hydroelectric Project is a run of the river (ROR) type hydropower project, located in Jugal Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchowk districtofProvince No. 3, Nepal. The Nyasem khola is a major tributary of the Balephi River which is one of the tributary of Indrawati River. Nyasem Khola has 40% dependable flow which is estimated at 5.53m3/s and is adopted as the design discharge of the project. The design flow 5.53 m3/s has been conveyed from Nyasem Khola via headrace tunnel to a forebay where the tapping of 0.34m3/s from Lampokhari khola is added. The gross discharge of 5.87m3/s is conveyed to surface powerhouse for 43 MW generationswith a gross head of 898.00 m via surge shaft and penstock pipe of length 2690.23 m.

    Geographically, the project area is located in between Latitudes 27˚59’ 15” N and 28˚02’ 00” N and Longitudes 85˚48’ 00” E and 85˚50’ 30” E. The proposed weir site is located at Ombolde which is approximately 6 km upstream of the confluence of Nyasem and Balephi Khola. The proposed powerhouse site lies at about Elevation 1995m on the left bank of Nyasem Khola and is located near Ambakharka village. This proposed powerhouse location is about 1.3km upstream of the Nyasem-Balephi confluence. Physiographically, the project area belongs to the Higher Himalayan in between 2850 m to 1950 m above mean sea level.The nearest roadhead to this project is a gravel road at the Bolde Bazaar which is located at a distance of about 30 km from Balephi Bazaar located along Araniko Highway, which itself is located about 72 km from Kathmandu.

    • Upper Nyasem Khola Hydroelectric Project does not have a motorable access road at present. The nearest roadhead to this project is a gravel road from Balephi up to Ambakharka. Ambakharka is located at a distance of about 45 km from Balephi Bazaar which is located on Araniko Highway. Balephi bazaar is located about 72 km north from Kathmandu.

      The developer of Upper Nyasem Khola Hydroelectric Project in close coordination with the local people of the project area is constructing a road from Baramchi to Ambakharka village.  Ambakharka lies approximately somewhere at the midpoint of the proposed penstock alignment of this project at an approximate location of EL 2400.00 masl. So far, a track road is under construction from Bolde, Ambakharka to Power House area which is very near to Kansasa. The main project access road alignment is envisaged to start from Ambakharka and end at the project headworks site at Nyasem Khola. It will also pass through the secondary headworks site located at a place called Slinge Danma on the banks of Lampokhari Khola and outlet of Headrace tunnel in Lampokhari Khola. It will have an approximate length of 10 km.  Another section of the project access road will be aligned towards the proposed powerhouse site of this project, which is located about 400 m below this elevation on the left bank of Nyasem Khola and will have a length of approximately 5 km. Therefore, a total length of 15 km of new roads will be required for the project.

    • Sindhu Jwala Hydropower Limited is the owner of the Upper Nyasem Hydroelectric Project (43 MW) located Jugal Rural Municipality of Sindhupalchowk District, Province No. 3, Nepal.